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Good health is more than just physical. As long time health crusaders we recognize you must be operating at your peak in mind, body and spirit.  To that end we have used nature and the cutting-edge advances in science to create supplements that are all natural and create a difference in your life.

 Julia Elliott

After losing my mother to cancer when she was only 54, my brother to cancer at 36, and my father to heart disease at 62 I became very passionate about health and wellness. I learned the importance of good diet, supplements, and exercise.

As a mother of three beautiful girls and one on the way, I want to not only be around for them but also be healthy and full of energy as they grow into adults themselves.

My Mom and Dad were not able to enjoy their empty nest years, see their children become parents, or meet and enjoy time with their grandchildren. I miss them every day and I want to be healthy, vibrant and around for my girls, my husband and one day my grandchildren.

I have seen the changes in my body as I have made healthy choices and have been amazed by the difference that high-quality supplements have made in how I feel and look.

My results created a passion for extensively researching the best ingredients, so I can bring amazing products to improve the quality of life for others.

I hope to help all our clients live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Robin Patrick

As a young teenager, I became the oldest living male in my mother’s genetic line. All previous men on her side had died at 42 years old or younger, most of heart attacks.

Because of this long history of health issues in my family, taking care of my health has always been a big issue for me. I was and continue to always be involved in some kind of physical activity; soccer as a youngster, martial arts early teens, wrestling and football in school, and in my late 30’s, after a stint in the Navy, competition bodybuilding.

When I got into bodybuilding, my trainer, a brilliant young woman, told me to “keep it natural”. Her advice resonated with me.

Many things that were considered “over the counter” then are no longer available even though they were readily available at major brick and mortar chains at the time.

I spent a few years helping other people navigate the supplements in the industry and found that the problem wasn’t that there was a lack of information. There was way too much information and it was hard to determine what was safe and effective, and what applied to each individual person’s situation that would help them.

Now at almost 56 years old, by taking care of myself, taking natural supplements and helping others, I am setting a record every day I live beyond the age of 42.

Thank you for letting me share.

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