Does green coffee bean really work for weight loss?

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Green coffee bean is one of the newest fat busting foods in the diet and nutrition space these days. And naturally, since we include it in our supplements for exactly that reason, we get a lot of questions about whether it actually works or not. We have recently posted a video on this. Check it out > Here <

We totally get it. There are a lot of “superfoods” or “fat burning foods” that come and go seemingly as fads these days. So it’s logical to be skeptical and want to know more.

That said, we’re believers. We know there’s a significant amount of scientific research to back green coffee bean’s effectiveness and we’ve also seen the results that people have achieved first hand too.

Here’s what the latest research is saying about green coffee bean and weight loss. First, a quick primer on what green coffee bean is and how it helps you burn fat.

What is green coffee bean and how does it work?

green coffee beans and burning fatGreen coffee bean is simply coffee before it has been roasted. In its natural state, the bean (which is the “seed” of a coffee fruit) is green in color. It only becomes brown when it’s roasted. But it’s not the bean itself that people are after when they want to lose weight – it’s actually a specific compound that is found inside called “chlorogenic acid”.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound found in a variety of fruits and vegetables that has been shown to block your body’s ability to store fat. It causes more of the fats that you eat to pass through your body rather than “stick” to your muscles and organs.

Additionally, green coffee bean helps your body raise it’s BMR (or base metabolic rate – the rate you burn calories at rest). This helps you burn more fat even when you’re not doing anything active.

So…does green coffee bean really work?

The answer is yes, but with a few caveats. Multiple studies on animals and humans have concluded that green coffee bean extract is effective for weight loss and inhibits your body’s ability to absorb and store fat.

For instance, one study found a significant decrease in body weight for obese mice who were fed a high fat diet. Additionally, the study found that chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid helped reduce fat buildup around organs (visceral fat) and insulin levels, meaning that green coffee bean extract can have additional health benefits in addition to fat loss (visceral fat is linked to heart disease and heart attacks).

Furthermore, a meta-analysis of over 2000 clinical trials on humans concluded that the overall potential for green coffee bean as a weight loss aid was promising.

However, this is where the caveat lies. Both the study above and the meta analysis commented that while the results were promising, much of the data surrounding the results of studies still needs to be verified further with more trials.

Additionally, the meta analysis observed that the effect of green coffee bean extract in humans was small comparatively speaking, which seems to suggest that it will not be a “magic pill” you can take and lose a ton of weight.

We feel this is understandable though, as the purposes of supplements are to “supplement” your fat loss efforts, not claim responsibility for it. Overall, there is a clear evidence that green coffee bean extract is effective for aiding your fat loss efforts when you combine it with proper nutrition and exercise.

Can I drink coffee and get the same effect?

coffee and weight lossIn short, sort of. The consumption of coffee has often been associated with fat loss, especially for those who are aging. Caffeine is well known to be a lipid blocker.

However, scientifically speaking, most of the compounds that provide the health benefits people seek from green coffee bean are destroyed in the roasting process. Green coffee beans typically contain 6% to 7% of CGA whereas the roasting process reduces that content to 1.5% to 0.5%.

This is because heat causes chemical reactions to occur and changes the compounds within the bean into other molecules.

Can I eat other foods to get the same effect?

Absolutely! Chlorogenic acid is part of a large family of compounds called polyphenols which have been proven to have similar health effects to CGA. Polyphenols give fruits, berries, and vegetables their colors, aromas, and flavors and they help plants protect against UV radiation, pathogens, and oxidation.

Polyphenols are found in a wide variety of foods in various quantities and the reason green coffee bean is often hyped up is due to quantity per gram.

That said, here are the top 10 foods containing the most polyphenols:

  1. Cloves
  2. Star anise
  3. Cocoa powder
  4. Mexican oregano, dried
  5. Celery seed
  6. Black chokeberry
  7. Dark chocolate
  8. Flaxseed meal
  9. Black elderberry
  10. Chestnut


Clinical trials show a lot of promise for green coffee bean as a fat loss supplement. In most studies, the data suggests that it does provide the desired effects, though not at a scale that will make you lose weight overnight. Then again, that’s not the purpose of supplements, even though many companies would lead you to believe that.

That said, in combination with proper diet and exercise, studies do suggest supplements that contain significant amounts of green coffee bean extract (like our TriKeto Max) can certainly speed up the rate of fat loss for humans.

What questions do you have about green coffee bean? Leave a comment below and we’ll help you answer them.

This article was originally posted on April 2018

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