7 Fat Busting Foods That Burn Calories Fast

Foods That Can Help With Your Weight Loss

While exercise is a critical component of a healthy body, mind, and spirit, the science is pretty clear: the diet you maintain is the real secret to burning fat off of your body. And not all food is created equal – some foods can help you with your fat loss goals and others can hurt you.

The problem is, it’s not in the way most people think.

To help you know which foods will help you with your weight loss goals, we put together a list below. But before we show you the list, there’s something that most people aren’t telling you about “fat busting foods” that you need to know….

The truth about fat busting foods no one tells you.

The simple truth about burning fat off your body is this: you can literally eat anything, as long as you consume fewer calories than you need to live every day. Yes, that means you can eat cookies all day and as long as you eat less than your daily calorie count, you’ll still lose weight.

But in reality, it’s usually more complex than that because there are an entire host of factors at play when you’re trying to lose weight… including physical, mental, and more.

Cookies are high-calorie foods, and you can’t eat as many of them as you could vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins before you hit your daily calorie intake limit. So if you ate cookies all day, you’d probably be pretty hungry most of the time because your body would tell you your stomach is empty.

This is why what you eat is so important. The right diet helps you feel full without consuming too many calories and makes it easier (mentally) to eat less. The trick is to find the right balance of total calorie intake and feeling full so that your mind and your body are both helping you with your weight loss goals.

What a fat-busting food should contain.

Scientifically speaking, there are certain things to look for in foods that will help you shed excess pounds faster. Here’s what you need to keep your eyes open for when you head to the grocery store.


Protein is the most satiating component of all food. Which is why high-protein diets like the Atkins diet work: you’ll feel stuffed before you over consume. This is because protein tells your body to produce a hormone in the brain called PPY, which starts the release of glucose into the small intestine. Both of these work to tell your body that it’s had enough.


Along with protein, your body actually needs a certain amount of fat to function on a daily basis. Fat also helps you feel satiated and full. The trick with fat is to remember to eat healthy fats and eat them in small quantities. Fats are the highest calorie per serving of all foods, so over consuming can have the opposite effect on weight loss if you’re not careful. Stick to plant-based fats or omega-3’s from fish in moderate quantities and you should be fine.


Carbs are traditionally thought of as an enemy when it comes to burning fat, but although fiber is a carb, it’s not one that your body can easily process into glucose like starches and other simple sugars. As a result, it ends up mostly passing right through you, which helps fill you up without adding additional calories to your diet. Additionally, soluble fiber has been shown in numerous studies to help reduce cholesterol and blood fat.

Metabolism boosters and fat blockers.

In addition to feeling full, some foods actually boost your metabolism or block your body from storing fat in the first place. Things like green coffee bean, raspberries, and others have been proven in studies to help your body function reduce the amount of fat it stores and burn calories at rest.

7 foods that fill you up and boost the rate you burn fat.

oats help to burn fat


Oats are an amazing source of nutrients for your body in addition to being an incredible fat-busting food. Like all whole grains, oats are a complex carb that digests slowly so they don’t raise your blood sugar. Plus, they are high in soluble fiber (fiber that helps you reduce cholesterol and blood fat) and extremely high on the “satiety index,” which means really good at helping you feel full without adding too many calories to your diet.

quinoa helps to burn fatQuinoa

Quinoa has been around for a very long time (three to four thousand years). It is one of the most protein-rich foods you can eat, which means it will fill you up nicely without weighing you down. And it’s also a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs to function at its best. What’s more, quinoa has almost twice as much soluble fiber as other grains, which like oats, can help to reduce blood fat and cholesterol.


legumes help to burn fatLegumes

Legumes are the umbrella category for high-protein vegetables like beans, lentils, peas, and more. Their protein content helps you feel full while still remaining minimally “energy dense” (less calories per gram). Many studies also support the claim that eating more legumes can significantly lower risks of heart disease and high blood pressure too.


avocado fat burning foodAvocado

A lot has been said about avocados on the health front. Some consider them to be fatty (which is part of the reason they are so satiating) but they are also on the top of the list of fat-burning foods too for the same reason. Not only that, but avocados contain nutrients that help your body boost the rate at which fat is converted to energy and boost the production of certain hormones that further help you shed excess pounds.


eggs help to burn fatEggs

Eggs are quite simply one of the best foods you can eat if you’re trying to burn fat. They are one of the most complete sources of protein on the planet – your body can process and absorb nearly every single nutrient from an egg. Studies have shown time and time again that people who eat an egg every morning in addition to (or instead of) toast or cereal often lose twice as much weight as those who eat a breakfast that’s mostly carbs.


raspberries help to burn fatRaspberries

Raspberries might look unassuming, but they are incredible at helping you burn fat. In fact, recent studies have found that women who consume even just a small cup of raspberries ate on average 20 percent fewer calories on a day to day basis than those that don’t. Raspberries are loaded with fiber and help you feel full well after you eat them, plus they contain raspberry ketones which have been shown to boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite simultaneously.


apples help to burn fatApples

Apples are amazing at helping you feel satiated and energetic. They are full of soluble fiber and low in calories which makes them perfect for a snack when you need a little pick-me-up. Studies have shown that enjoying an apple before a meal drastically reduces the urge to over-consume when you sit down to eat. Apples also contain a lot of pectins, which binds with water and limits the amount of fat your cells can absorb (blocking your body from storing it in the first place).


water can help burn fatBonus: drink water to burn fat.

Here’s something you might not know: your body can’t always tell the difference between hunger and thirst. Studies have shown that people who stay well hydrated eat fewer calories in general and that drinking a big glass of water before a meal helps reduce the urge to over-consume.


While the number of calories you eat on a daily basis is the most critical factor if you want to burn fat, what you eat can also make a big difference as well.

This is especially true when it comes to feeling satiated and not over-consuming and why it’s critical to make sure the foods you are consuming have a low “energy density” (fewer calories per serving).

And if you can find foods that also contain certain ingredients proven to boost your metabolism or block your body from absorbing fat in the first place, you’ll start to see results in no time!

We want to hear from you… what foods do you like to eat that are low calorie but keep you feeling full? Let us know in the comments below!

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This article was originally posted on Nature Advanced. April 2018


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  4. Lesa Hitle October 2, 2018 at 10:46 am - Reply

    The Atkins diet can make you lose weight but is extremely unhealthy as well. My father actually tried this diet, lost 20 pounds, and gained 25 pounds back when he began to eat regularly. This was the same for several other people I know. People who are lean eat well-balanced diets because they are listening to their bodies and fill their stomachs with a large variety of foods, fulfilling all of their bodies needs.

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